Sunday, April 21, 2013

Julianna's Pink Shower

As you may know, one of my friends is getting married at the end of June.  This will be a very busy next couple of months with the shower, bachelorette and wedding to get involved in.  I am supposed to be making the wedding cake, the shower cupcakes and a banner all while also being a bridesmaid!
You know I love the girl to death when I agree to do all this at report card season as well!

Tonight, I decided to get what I could out of the way and so I came up with this Banner for her shower. Its simple but I love love the pink glittery letters which I found at Winners! My whole idea of scrapbooking had become a hoarding session of expensive and beautiful things.  I have since decided that I cannot buy any more items unless they are directly related to a project.  I was happy to use my pretty letters on this banner because I thought it would go perfectly with the pink theme!

 I didn't have anywhere to put it so I hung it up at my craft corner!

Please publish any comments if you either like or think I need to add something to it before it is hung in 2 weeks! Thanks for reading!