Monday, March 11, 2013

Roommates old room = new den and craft room

I am also not quite done this room as well because I don't have either work spaces in yet.  I will need to enlist the help of my step dad for the moving and he is currently in Florida.  Anyway I have the futon moved into this room ready to be slept on in case someone stays over before i settle the room.  Eventually, I think it will need to be moved to the basement because there isn't enough wall space for everything.  I think I will have my computer space to the left and the craft space on the right.
Here is what it looked like before I moved in (obviously for a little boy)

Currently it looks like this with a slight paint change to reflect my grey tones.  It's another Benjamin Moore colour but this time Winter Lake. I also had to take the fan partially down to repaint it white.  So that light isn't nicely reflected there.  A big thank you to my mom who helped to the edges and the trim!

After! Excuse the light, as it was taken with my phone.  I love how my diplomas are up and I have a fully functional craft room and work room all in one!