Monday, March 11, 2013

Kitchen remodel

It's march break! I finally get some time to do renos. First was my ex roommates room and now the kitchen. I have a bit more to do with the roommates room but I've painted and moved some furniture in there. More on that later. Right now as we speak, Home Depot is working on refacing the kitchen cabinets as well as creating a new bank of cupboards in my kitchen. I am sooo happy with the results thus far which have exceeded my expectations!

Ive realized that I haven't  really shown the progression over the last year that Ive had with the kitchen.  Not that I have done tons of work, there have been a few minor details changed like the paint colour which was the first thing to go.
 I HATED disliked the blood red/orange colour.  I went with a grey tone throughout the whole house so it makes sense that I stick to grey.  I chose Benjamin Moore's coventry grey for the kitchen.
Now for the other side of the kitchen.  There was an alcove which was advertised as an eat in kitchen but in my opinion, it was wasted space. What do you think? Sorry about the phone photo, i realize its a bit blurry!

I decided that since I was a huge baker, I would create a set of cupboards to host my supplies and cake decorating tools.  I call it my baking nook!

After! My baking nook was born!

Makes a huge difference huh?!