Sunday, February 12, 2012

V day card holder?

OK so if you have a better title, please let me know as I am not the best caption writer.
I spent the better half of my day making this cute little 'pochette' for kids to put their valentines day cards in.  My kids adore crafts which is great cuz so do I! I am just hoping that in grade 6, students are still young enough to send out valentines day cards!
 Soyez a moi = Be mine! (might as well do it in French since my principal could come in at any time!
I used lots of red/pink cardstock and punched some borders in them to make the pouch look cuter.  I just added the words with some alphabet stickers that I found laying around somewhere (if you could only imagine how much stuff I have accumulated in the last 10 years...)
 This picture helps to show that there is a pouch halfway down the heart to put the cards in.  Mine is a little low and won't hold up a whole heck of a lot so beware!

I punched circles from my puncher (1-1.5 inches I think?) and as you can see, some weren't perfect circles but they still worked!