Monday, February 13, 2012

an attempt at frame making...

So I wont quit my day job to make artistic frames for a living but you can see my attempt at making one from scrapbooking paper.
Notes for the readers... On other websites, it looks quick and easy.  Ya its quick, if you want it to look messy.  Problem number one that I encountered was that the paper wrinkles.... Not that easy to fix once the modgepodge is on.  It dries really quickly btw (first time using it!).
I liked the placement of my heart but felt it needed something.  I had had a different idea that I think I should have went with but my mom will think its heart felt!  I tried to use glitter glue for the writing but I don't have neat writing when it comes out of a bottle! Its weird as I can pipe quite clearly with icing, just not with glitter glue.
Anyway here it the result, along with my vday card to mommy dearest!