Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentines day is coming up!

I cannot remember the last day I crafted... It has been just so busy and I feel bad for not updating with cool things that I have made but it has been crazy! I thought i'd share with you my favourite valentines ideas for a loved one or your Students (if you are a teacher like me).
I always look at cricut first just to see what they come up with!  Hint, their fortune cookie idea is what I am doing but I am having a hard time figuring out how to fold the circle!

  Top 10 DIY Gifts for Valentine's Day with Cricut 

16 of the Cheesiest Valentines Gifts for him I am considering the lotto one or the booze...

valentine-day-gift-idea-cella-jane.jpg - Post it notes in the shape of hearts

Love Coupons - Free Printable

There actually weren't that many pins which I love loved but hopefully you will enjoy seeing what is here and you might have an idea as to what to plan for this weekend!