Friday, February 13, 2015

Alpaca/llama pillow

My cousin loves llamas and as soon as I purchased my Cricut Explore, I knew this was a project that I had to do for her!

She recently moved to a new apartment to start her career as an Rn so I took the opportunity to start my new sewing skills to make this for her.  I asked a friend to come over to help with the sizing but bought both fabrics from Fabricland and glitter Iron on from
After making the pillow base, I cut and ironed on the image before stuffing the pillow and hand sewing the rest (ok I didn't do the sewing but I watched with anticipation for when I get to do my own one day)!
I just loved how it turned out!!! Many people have asked me if I purchased it from Chapters/Indigo which I can now feel proud and say Nope! Maybe one day I can showcase some things there! (One can only dream!) 

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