Monday, December 22, 2014

Using my paper

I might just be a little bit of a paper hoarder.... Ok maybe a lot..... I just love love paper! It's all sooo pretty and I want it all and then save it to look at it over and over again!
Anyway, my craft room seems to look like a tornado hit it constantly and so I need to clear some of it out.  My new years resolution is to avoid buying crafting things until I use up what I have! This will be difficult!

In effort to use paper, I made a set of four thank you cards to sell in a set of well.... four! It's amazing how much you get out of one sheet of paper! This might take me a while to get through it all!

 I think they are cute!

Also my mom never goes to my blog so I am safe in posting this but she's been bothering me to help her reorganize her kitchen pantry like I have mine so I made some chalkboard labels for her from Santa!
This is a throwback to when I did my labels.  Since then my computer hard drive crashed and I don't have the file anymore :( So i am starting from scratch with my own soon but for my mom, she just needs simple ones.  I will put double sided adhesive on the back and glue them onto her containers.  As you can see below, mine were actual labels but both have issues when wanting to wash your containers.  I guess I could do vinyl but haven't had time to break out the roll yet.  
Regardless, mom will like them!