Saturday, November 15, 2014

Wrapping the presents already!

This week has been a whirlwind! My birthday was on Tuesday and it always lands on the worst week in the teaching world... Report cards and parent interviews.  When I say worst, I really mean time consuming because the parents are great! To top it all off, I am taking an AQ course as well so time is what I begged for this week!
Well.. my wish didn't come true.  I am so behind in everything and Volleyball which I am coaching is coming to an end soon but means that I have to put more time in to get the girls ready for Areas.  They are doing spectacularly!

This weekend, I turned my electronics off and just crafted.. Oh I decorated my house too!  Its all ready for the busy season! I finally firmed down when I am going to visit my dad for the holidays so I have to wrap and purchase that stuff asap!

Here is what I came up with today!
Homemade gift wrapping with stamps and kraft paper! The tag is made with the jolly holidays cartridge on the circuit and card stock from Michaels (I heart Michaels!)

I scrap lifted this idea from Catherine Pooler.  She does stamping up and I use Close to my Heart stamps and inks so that is the major difference.  I just love this card!
Here I tried to do a variation but I didn't like it as much.