Monday, August 4, 2014

Attempting the banner once again!

So officially today it is my dear friend Monique's birthday.  I wanted to surprise her with a couple homemade goodies as first of all, we share the passion for crafting and secondly, we don't get paid over the summer and so my bank account hates me at the moment.  Gotta make use of what you have!
Anyway, I won't get into detail just in case she reads this blog (but i doubt she will before I see her anyway).  I decided to make her a banner.  In my family, birthdays are the best day of the year!  My mom has a placemat, banner, balloons... you name it.  Needless to say, we go big or go home!  Im realizing that many people are not like this.... I can't stand to see people not want to celebrate their day onto this planet! I am bringing my birthday cheer with me when I see her along with this banner I made for her!

The patterned paper is from a 8.5x11 paper pack by COLORBOK called "Rhapsody! I love how the colours all come together!

Monique with her two little rug-rats who are the cutest things since sliced bread!