Sunday, August 19, 2012

My first cake in a year!

So after having moved in to my new house and asking a friend of mine to move in for the summer, i decided to dust off the old cricut cake and design a birthday creation for my brother's bday. My brother left for Vegas today so it was only fitting that i do a Vegas themed cake.
It has literally been a year since i made a fondanted cake answer even longer since i used my cricut! The only difference and motivation for doing it now is that i don't have to dig deep in the basement for all the materials! I have my own kitchen full now!
My roomie who had never cake decorated before, happily helped out to gain some experience .
I tried a new cake mix by duff called "zebra" and as much as it was hard work getting it to look like a zebra, it was mega fun!
Hope you enjoy!