Saturday, May 21, 2011

Victoria Weekend!

Hi All,

I am soo happy to have had some time to do what I love! I also broke down and bought the big cricut as my small one wasn't allowing me to make bigger projects for my bulletin boards at school (Thanks Em for convincing me!). So much for report cards
which I was supposed to be doing.... opps.... Anyway, here are the lovely projects which I accomplished this weekend!
DISCLAIMER: ASHLEIGH, if you are reading this before your shower then please refrain from looking any further... I have some surprises which you will see next week in here!

Couple friendship/thank you cards for a rainy day!
This one is both embossed with the cuttlebug (which give the raised look at the bottom) and embossed with powder which is the black section. Once heated, the powder melts and give a raised finish!
A tag to go along with Ashleigh's gift!

Can you tell Ashleigh's colours are purple!?

Ashleighs shower card!