Monday, January 18, 2010

Latest Card: Dominique got married!

So i got a card in the mail from my good friend Dominqiue thanking me for my christmas card. She was one of the teachers at Claude Bernard when I was teaching there way back when I was in France and had no care in the world! ok im rambling..

Anyway, I visited her this past March in Wimbledon which is where she now lives with her son and bf but when I was there, there wasn't any talk of marriage so imagine the shock on my face when I receive this card and WHAM! she got married! Congrats to her!

It just so happened that last Thursday at Michaels, when I was there for my cake decorating class, I found a couple new stamps about love (b/c of this valentines day thing coming soon, not that im bitter!) and so I had the perfect idea for a new card!

Hope you like it!