Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just starting off..

So this blog is meant to show the latest and greatest (or not so great...) creations that I have been working on. Thanks to Black friday and my new purchase of the cricut, Im sure they will only get better as I learn how to use it. I not only love paper crafts (scrapbooking, card making and stamping), but I also love to bake and have been enrolled lately in some cake decorating courses so I will be showing all these creations as I make them too!

Here is a couple of my latest cards, some blurry but Im figuring out why my camera isnt focusing properly so bare with me in the mean time!

A thank you card Ive made from my scrap paper and cool punches/ rub ons!

I copied this idea from somewhere and added my own touch

Love this one but can't get it focused!!! GRRRRRR

I mistakenly got glitter all over the card then just added more for this nice effect!

My pride and joy! Ok by far my favourite with the help of my cricut and stamps from Stamping Bella! LOVE THAT STORE!!!
Ill get more up soon! I work early tomorrow morning so this is it for now!