Sunday, September 14, 2014

I should be marking but.....

Whats one or two more cards!

Orders keep on coming in!

Hi folks!

I was a little sad telling people how I spent my summer indoors with both my basement reno and creating my etsy website. You know, you get back to school and everyone has amazing stories to tell and you say, my summer was relaxing but I didn't do anything.... Well even though I didn't "do much" I still accomplished a lot that I would t have been able to do otherwise. Today it's starting to pay off! I've had two orders off of etsy within a couple days of eachother!!! Soo exciting!!! 
Here is one of the special orders that I've come up with.

So next time someone asks me how I spent my summer, I won't be embarrassed and say absolutely nothing, I'll say I started my online business!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Late night cards

11 cards before 11am

I started school this week and because it's been soo exhausting, I haven't crafted in a week. Today I woke up early and just went to work. 11 cards later and it's still earlier than I would have gotten up on a Saturday! Talk about productive!